How to Advertise Blog to Your Email List With These 4 Strategies

The key to success in blogging is all about connections. Every piece of good words and links came from different visitors is actually a kind of promotion and drive traffic to your blog. And if you build an email list with your blog, you have a very valuable asset, as they are all the people who are interested in your information and become your regular audience of your blog. Therefore, if you are really serious about advertising your blog, take a look at these 4 strategies that give you big competitive advantages.

Laser-Targeting your audience

If you just get start advertising your blog, then make your first step right. Your need to determine who are the readers you want to bring in. Even in the same big market, like movie, chances are that different people will favor different type of movies. So choose your target audience based on the main theme of your blog.

Understand your visitors by paying attention to the topic or blog post you usually write about. Ask yourself some questions including, but not limit to:

What kind of reader will come to read your blog regularly?
What kind of topic those readers are interested in and read most?
Would they also interest in other blog post of yours?
Would they take part in any polls, forum or discussion board, or at least leave a comment to you?
Would the people in your email list be willing to promote, or at least mention, your blog to other people.
We can assure that, all the visitors in your email list will answer all these questions “YES”.

The key point here is that, the market of your blog is already there and waiting for you to feed in your content. You just let them know who you are and where they can find you. By focusing your effort to promote your blog on a laser-targeted email list, you can at least avoid the three common marketing problems:

Promote to a group of people who do not have interested in your blog
Focus on people who only have slightly interested in your blog and offer, but will not stay long in your list.
Advertising to people who do not really know what they really want and therefore does not take part in your promotion.
Providing relevance offer every time
If you cannot provide relevant offer to your email list, it is similar to spending your time and fortune to promote a violin concert to a group of wrestling fans in gym room. Maybe you can grab 1 – 2 persons’ attention and even go to your blog, but such a result really cannot compensate for the effort and resource you spend on your promotion.

Avoid spending your limited energy on promoting something that is irrelevant to your email list, in reverse, your offer should be relevant enough for your list to give you positive response to.

Do Not Play Any Tricks To Your Readers

People who have joined your email list may have very well understanding on the industry already. Therefore no matter you are promoting a new article in your blog, or an offer from you, state very clearly that what is it about, what is the offer and what you want your reader to do.

In any case do not hide anything from your visitors, because they may know as much as, or even more than you. Remember, your visitors may also visit and opt-in to other blogs with similar topics. So they may know what you are going to do even before you promote anything. Be nice and tell the truth to your list, in a language that everyone understands.

Provide option for visitors to opt out

So maybe you have already had a flood of leads coming in after your promotion, should you hide the option to opt out from your list in order to keep them permanently? The answer is definitely “NO”.

In fact, offering a chance for people to opt out is not only a polite way of working with your list, but also it shows your professionalism on your part. Taking out the option to opt out from your list is usually considered rude and, from the visitors’ point of view, this is a very frustrated experience.

If you really take away that option, you will have a serious risk on your reputation in the industry you are promoting actively. When words are getting around, and usually it is quite fast, you may even lose more potential leads. Therefore, to gain your reputation, you should always do your blog advertising with your visitors’ interest in mind.

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