The Neglected Form of Online Advertising – Blogging!

A blog is a type of website that is usually maintained and updated by someone with regular entries. Usually, there is a theme associated with the blog (think Julie and Julia with the cooking theme). Often the author puts out videos and pictures in addition to posts. A blog can have pages like a website does and the posts are usually listed by category in date order…newer ones displaying first.

Why is blogging the neglected form of online advertising?

Actually, what the heck does blogging have to do with online advertising to begin with?

A blog can be a great source of online advertising for a very small fee. Your blog can be a place where your new business leads get to know you since you will likely have an “about Author” page. When your blog is professionally done, you can position yourself as a business leader and professional.

When you hear someone talking about blogging, you often hear about content, specifically, you want good, unique content. You may be saying what exactly does that mean? It simply means that what you are writing about should be something that is of value to your target market, your niche. It should also be unique in that it should be written in your own words. Over time, you will likely develop your own style of writing.

This content will benefit your business and your readers. With good content you will be considered an expert in your niche like a published author. People always have a high respect for published authors. This is very important in the online world. This is where you build trust with those who find you and your subscribers.

What good is all of this blogging if you don’t have someone reading your posts? Ah, yea, you want to have targeted traffic to your site. You want people who are in your target market to find your blog and then stick around for a while, reading some of your older posts, taking a look at your pictures from your last family vacation, etc.. You also want them to opt into your mailing list or newsletter.

With each post in your blog, you can choose keywords. To get targeted traffic to your site, each post should have keywords that center around the topic. If you posted to your blog just twice a week you would have over 100 posts in a year! This is a HUGE asset to your business. You will have a presence within the search engines for all of your posts (a.k.a. cyber real estate) which will generate traffic that is virtually free.

Since the content of blogs is always changing, the search engines love them! Blogs, more often than not, get ranked higher than a static website.

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